Women dating douche bags

My girlfriend has some stuff going on in her life that has forced us to put our relationship on hold. I have already went through each book 2 or 3 times, and I am have recommended your work several friends.It would’ve been very easy for me to freak out and be a pussy about it, and call and text and piss and moan…but instead, I said…ok. I have been putting this stuff into practice for a couple weeks now and I am already seeing amazing results i…You are a complete bad-ass.

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This Douche Bag situation is critical to your love life.We went out for a walk with our son Mason in the morning. He also loves attention from the ladies young and old on our walks. He is fascinated by the street performers on the promenade. Girl, someone like you is hard to find Girl, your stunning smile, one-of-a-kind Girl, I just can't get you off my mind No Girl, your boyfriend acts like he has class Girl, but then he smacks your sister's ass Girl, I heard you're paying for his gas Wut?! Girl, he says your parents make him sad Girl, he says it just to make you mad Girl, he says you're the second best he's ever had Wut?!Maybe I should just keep my stupid mouth shut But seeing you with him is such a pain in my butt Girl you're so fine And I wish you were mine But you're dating a douchebag Girl you're so fine And I wish you were mine But you're dating a douchebag Girl, he quotes himself, is that your type?

Posted in About Women, Confidence, Women's Behavior Tagged with: beautiful, cocky, confidence, douche bag, down to earth, experience, guys, humble, improve yourself, looks, mature, men, money, self esteem, ugly, women Hey Marc, I want to thank you!You give a ton of great information, and techniques. I listened to two of your books, 99 Bad Boy Traits and and How to Stop Being a Loser With Women. I have seeked out advice from numerous “Gurus” and the subject of attracting women, and you are by far the best I heard from.Hey Marc, Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge in this book. I mean I have some tough times with women, but thanks to you it will get better.The techniques you give and everything else is just amazing.Now I will fallow and do everything you say in your book and will write you back to let you know about everything. Major League Dating has helped me by not making myself look like “the guy who’s nicer than the others”.If there’s one thing that I’ve learned it’s to hold on to your own balls and not give them to some woman and let her carry them around in her purse.