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Unfortunately, I am not intelligent enough to explain the reason that the 'updated' version of the driver failed.

Also, SFC failing may be some foreshadowing of a larger problem or it could actually be the problem. This definitely sounds like a driver issue, but the fact both your wired and wireless connections don't work suggests the problem could be something else.

I'm helping a friend that can't connect to the internet through a hard wired connection or through wireless. No Connections are available" It's a windows 7 OS machine. I had a somewhat similar issue with a Win 7 machine a while back.It's a laptop, that usually connected fine through both. It wasn't wireless just wired but it was having this same issue. EDIT (for bounty) I keep trying the same things as listed above, hoping something will just magically work, but it's proven unsuccessful. I know the best solution would be "Just reinstall Windows", but right now that's not a possibility.After doing close to the same steps that you have done, I did these things: In my case it was simply that Windows Update had installed the newest driver for the NIC and I needed to rollback to a Vista version of the driver.If this doesn't help you can always "undo" the System Restore.

SR doesn't harm user-created documents, e-mails, etc.

go into CMD (command prompt) and type this: netsh wlan connect name="name of network trying to connect to" use quotes if the network is more than 1 word.

Also try: netsh interface set interface name="name of your wireless/wired adapter" admin=enabled this will manually enable the adapter.

The issue is probably not a software one but a hardware one.

Check for a button with icons such as these: They will then show a prompt which will allow you to re-enable your wireless adapter.

Right click the Wireless Network Connection icon on the Taskbar. d) Check to select Start this connection automatically.