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"We are first-time home buyers closing the sale on our first home next week.The title company says we must provide certified funds to close.They said we could either bring a cashier's check to closing or we could do a wire transfer.

Should we do a wire transfer or deposit a cashier's check to close?

"-- Nervous Home Buyers Answer: Excellent question, Nervous Home Buyers.

Let's address two popular myths about cashier's checks and wire transfers.

The first is that a cashier's check can't bounce. Cashier's checks can be altered by crooks or reversed by the account holder.

The second is that wire transfers are instantaneous. An account holder goes to the bank in person, provides identification and requests a cashier's check from the bank teller.

You need to have cleared funds in your account to get a cashier's check. It stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.Here is what the bank teller does: How Do Wire Transfers Work? Which is Better -- a Wire Transfer or a Cashier's Check?A wire transfer used to be delivered via telegraph, but most banks submit wire transfers electronically these days. Don't you wish that you could walk into your home closing with a big ol' sack of money and dump the cash on a desk? Closers don't want the liability associated with that much cash. Obtaining a cashier's check can present several problems.The service many banks use for secure financial messages is called S. Moreover, transactions that exceed ,000 in cash must be reported to the I. Why Closing Agents Insist on Certified Funds to Close Title companies, escrow officers and other closers can't record a deed until the equivalent of cash is in hand. They promise that the seller will receive the money when the deed is recorded.They promise to record the deed when the buyer deposits the money. For example, California Insurance Code Section 12413.1 regulates the disbursement of funds by title companies.Here are the main requirements: TIP: One very important thing to remember when sending in funds to close is to make sure the funds are coming from a source that has already been verified by your lender.