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To read 2014 Bordeaux tasting notes from other appellations: 2014 Bordeaux Tasting Notes By this point, due to non-stop barrage of information available you have probably read by this point, you have probably read more than your share of weather reports and harvest news. Estephe vintage is strong for many of chateaux in the appellation.

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Estephe wine is, there are 3 chateau that made what could be the best wines in the history of their estate! You add in the fortune of perfect Indian summer conditions that started in late August, (September and October were stellar) toss in a healthy dose of gravel and clay terroir coupled with the financial ability and willingness to ruthlessly select all but the best grapes and you have the perfect blend from an appellation that does not always shine.

But make no mistake, 2014 Saint Estephe wines are really good and depending on the price, they merit a serious look, if you’re fan of the appellation.

The majority of the harvest took place just a short period of rain in mid-September under warm, sunny conditions starting Monday, September 22 with the Merlot and continued until Friday, October 10 for most chateau.

Estephe wine tasting notes and vintage summary is the first of 9 articles we will be publishing on the best wines, wine makers and wineries that produced the top wines in the 2014 Bordeaux vintage.

The articles will appear in semi-geographical order, moving from north to south in the Left Bank , followed by Pomerol , St.

Emilion and ending with the petit chateaux and satellite appellations we also cover.2014 Pauillac should be published tomorrow morning.The wines are behind 2010, 2009, 2005, 2003 and perhaps 2000.Time will tell as the wines age in the barrel, and more importantly in the cellar.But at the level of, or just behind 2000, 2014 is a lofty position in the historical pantheon of great Bordeaux vintages for Saint Estephe.To be clear on my reasoning, not only is 2014 Saint Estephe quite stylish, but many smaller estates that do not always produce good wine, excelled and what is really exciting about 2014 St. You start with a cold, wet, rain and add fear of another vintage like 2013.