Windows xp not updating dst

Quicklists provide an easy and efficient way to quickly access commonly used tasks for a specific application.

A 2nd icon will show up that does the controlling part.

I learnt it the hard way, Until this set me right…This one doesn't actually work properly currently.

The gnome-terminal windows appear under the normal gnome-terminal launcher icon instead of the ssh-launcher one.

This only happens if you launch your first remote connection from the quicklist.

If you open one with left click it works correctly, and all subsequent windows also work correctly.

X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts=Software Updates; Software Properties; Synaptic; [Software Updates Shortcut Group] Name=Update Manager Exec=update-manager -c Only Show In=Unity [Software Properties Shortcut Group] Name=Add/Edit PPAs Exec=gksu software-properties-gtk %u Only Show In=Unity [Synaptic Shortcut Group] Name=Synaptic Software Manager Exec=gksu synaptic %u Only Show In=Unity Guys, on last edit [Software Updates Shortcut Group] is not in the X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts line so "Update Manager" won't show in the list.

Just in case others might get confused why it's missing the top entry.

Here is a small shell script that updates your Home-Quicklist with all your bookmarks. It reads your bookmark file and creates the menu items from it. # # This script updates the unity quicklist menu for nautilus to contain the user # bookmarks.

The updates will have efect after unity is restarted (either on # the next login or by invoking 'unity --replace').

# location of template and unity bar launchers nautempl="/usr/share/applications/nautilus-home.desktop" target="$HOME/.local/share/applications/nautilus-home.desktop" bookmarks="$HOME/.gtk-bookmarks" # backup if file already exists if [ -e "$target" ]; then echo "Creating backup of: $target." mv -n "$target" "$target.bak" fi # copy template cp "$nautempl" "$target" if !

grep -q 'Only Show In=.*Unity' "$target"; then # add only if not already present sed -i "s/\(Only Show In=.*\)/Unity;/" "$target" fi # due to a bug in Unity (Ubuntu 11.10+) we will have to completely remove the Only Show In line: # sed -i '/^Only Show In=/d' "$target" if !