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A preview screening of Vanessa Redgrave's film in aid of UNHCR and their work to project the refugee children and their families.

A pivotal member of one of the country’s great ­acting dynasties as well as a statuesque sex symbol since the ­Sixties, when she starred in such films as Blowup and Isadora, she has long fascinated the British public.Yet she famously refuses to discuss anything other than her work or her revolu­tionary socialist politics – and often insists on talking about one or the other but not both at the same time.Even Lynn Barber, an interviewer so legendary she has herself been the subject of an Oscar-nominated film, couldn’t penetrate the actress’s rigid guard.“It’s as if Vanessa finds it safer to talk about politics than to talk about herself,” she complained.“She has a great mistrust of journalists and scans each question for hidden bear-traps before answering at tediously cautious length.

She seems drawn to put the heaviest possible spin on everything.” Yesterday, however, all that changed.In a remarkable interview with Jenni Murray on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour the 73-year-old Academy Award-winner finally let the world in.In the candid conversation she not only showed a softer side to her publicly gritty personality as she grieves for the three family members she has lost in the past 15 months.She also revealed the extraordinary story of her rekindled romance with Franco Nero, the heart-throb Italian actor who first stole her heart on the set of the film musical Camelot more than four decades ago and who has now come back into what she is ­unembarrassed to call her old age.Her decision to allow the world to see a little of her private side after jealously protecting it for so long is undoubtedly related to the cruel sequence of family tragedies she has suffered.In March last year her elder daughter, actress Natasha Richardson, died in a freak skiing accident at the age of 45.