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Wherever she goes she always looks for alternative spots or street art.A huge fan of Central Europe and off the beaten path places and a living proof that you can balance full time job and extensive travel!

It was so enchanting and felt like the time has stopped there years ago.

After grabbing some pizza (one of the reasons why I went to Italy anyway) I caught another funicular to go even higher, to San Vigilio. The Upper Town, the surrounding mountains, the residential areas… I was just staring spellbound at the landscape, trying to take it all in, to remember every detail of what’s in front of me.

It was just perfect and the gloomy weather actually added up to the atmosphere and look of the place!

Finally, at the beginning of the year I found really cheap tickets at perfect time and 2 weeks later I headed to Bergamo for 24 hours! It was raining cats and dogs and very quickly I was all wet.

Fortunately the only thing I had to do was getting to my accommodation so it wasn’t that bad after all.

The next morning wasn’t much better, the weather was grey and gloomy but at least it wasn’t raining that heavily, only pouring now and then (after all travelling in January is a little bit tricky).But I was so ready to see what Bergamo has to offer!My main point of interest was the Upper Town as that’s where the whole magic of Bergamo is.But before I got there I walked around the lower part of the city to see what it is about.It was a regular Thursday morning, people were enjoying their coffee or heading to their duties and I felt like I’m the only tourist there.Eventually I reached the funicular, one of the most distinctive things about Bergamo, that took me to the Upper Town. Narrow cobbled streets, old-fashioned shops and restaurants, old houses and piazzas…