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However, Matt sought revenge by beating the heck out of Nick and raping Sharon!Matt then told Nick that Sharon had given up her child for adoption, but Nick stayed loyal to Sharon.

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* Was believed to be a gold-digger by Nikki Newman. * Walked in on her best friend Grace in bed with her husband Nick.

* Was reunited with her daughter Cassie after Grace found her.

* Was beaten and raped by Cameron Kirsten who she thought to have killed in self-defense.

Shortly after, Sharon became pregnant, then her mother convinced her to give her baby girl up for adoption.

In 1994, now eighteen, Sharon and Doris moved to Genoa City where she meet Nick Newman.

Although she was dating Matt Clark, Nick's enemy, at the time, Sharon couldn't help falling for Nick.Mutually, Sharon left Matt and Nick left his girlfriend Amy Wilson and the two fell in love.* Had help from Larry Warton in covering up Cameron's body.* Was terrorized by Cameron after returning from the dead. * Divorced Nick after he had an affair with Phyllis Abbott and got her pregnant.Current: Model Mentor at Jabot Past: Spokesperson for Newman Enterprises Infinity Past: Partner in Restless Style Past: Spokesperson for NVP Reteats Past: Spokesperson for Newman Enterprises Cosmetics Division Past: Spokeperson for Jabot Cosmetics Past: Co-owner of the Crimson Lights Coffee House Growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, Sharon Collins was forced to grow up fast and still lives with the guilt of her mother's paralysis.While out looking for Sharon, Doris lost control of her car and ended up in a wheelchair.