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The ladies spent a few hours at a night club and partied with a French guy named Tomas that was a dead-wringer for Johnny Depp in .

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she is making it worse by weaving up this complicated, cockamamie story.

She is certainly coming off very suspicious to the other ladies and no one believes her.” How do you think Lu Ann’s boyfriend, Jacques Azoulay, will feel after seeing all of this go down on television? We’ve seen Lu at a fertility clinic trying to figure out if it’s possible at her age to have a baby with Jacques so up until now, things seemed pretty serious for them.

Do you think Lu Ann made a drunken mistake that she’ll regret?

will spend three episodes getting down and dirty on the island of St.

Barts and perhaps the first big shocker of this trip came last night from Lu Ann de Lesseps.

The supposedly happy and in love Countess decided to let St.Barts be her personal playground and have a private after party of her own.Later that night, I don’t remember what time, Lu comes a knocking on my door to try to get me up for a nightcap. The next morning, Carole and I are taking in the sun and some Vitamin D by the pool and she asks me about the noise from the night before.She is with someone but they are not sneaking around. I could have said, “I don’t know,” but that would be lying to Carole and so the whisper fest ensues between us about what happened.I trust Carole and want to counsel with her on this whole situation.” “She heard the commotion and folks speaking French, so I am not “breaking news” to her.I am actually feeling awkward about Lu talking about these Italians that she brought home and I am very conflicted because she and I both know that it was Tomas.