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She also wants to stay together for the sake of their two young children, Jada and Zoey. He then tweeted, “Lou Will if this is tru you are the man,” presumably in reference to Williams’ lovely ladies.

But the story of Lou Williams’ two girlfriends really picked up steam Monday night, when fellow NBA star J. So far, Lou Williams has not responded to the rumors that he has two girlfriends.

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There are even some photos to prove it, though they may have been deleted from Williams’ Instagram page.The source added that Ashley Henderson is not thrilled about having to share Rece Mitchell with Lou Williams.But she puts up with it because of the financial benefits that come with dating an NBA player. Williams is supposedly dating both Ashley Henderson and her girlfriend, Rece Mitchell. Smith tweeted about Lou Williams' rumored two girlfriends, the story of the Toronto Raptors' star's reported "Sister Wives" relationships went viral once again.

Many quickly took to Twitter to congratulate Smith for snagging two sexy ladies.Lou Williams’ love life is earning him the admiration of basketball fans around the country.The Toronto Raptors guard is reportedly dating two women at the same time, and they are both okay with it.In fact, the two ladies are supposedly girlfriends!A few months ago, reports surfaced that Lou Williams was dating both Ashley Henderson (whom Williams calls “Blonde”) and Rece Mitchell (nicknamed “Brown”).While this itself isn’t that bizarre, the story went viral because Henderson and Mitchell are allegedly dating each other, as well.