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Ever since Netflix announced that it would be reviving the cult comedy classic “Wet Hot American Summer” as a prequel series, fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for any additional information about what is to come.

The original film found the counselors attempting to find love and save the world from an asteroid on the last day of summer camp in 1981.The new series will reportedly tell the story of what happened at Camp Firewood earlier that summer.Wain and Michael Showalter, who co-wrote the original film, are listed as executive producers of the project.This isn't the first time that Wain has revisited his comedic past.Also, the long-awaited Blu-ray of “Wet Hot American Summer,” the film, is being released on May 12. Wain will also be making acting appearances in the next episode of “Broad City” and in the new Fox series “Weird Loners,” which premieres on March 31.

Check out the trailer for “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” above and mark your calendars for July 31 to binge watch all eight episodes on Netflix.Keep reading AXS for more comedy news, reviews and tour announcements.Last year, he reunited with the other 10 original members of The State, including Thomas Lennon, Ken Marino, and Joe Lo Truglio, for Tenacious D's Festival Supreme.The live performance featured classic characters from the MTV series “The State,” such as the angst-driven Doug and the ball-dipping, fan favorite Louie.It still looks like a full-blown tour of The State is out of the cards as most of the cast are busy with other projects, but maybe the gang can get together for another performance during this summer's festival season. In other “Wainy” news, “Children's Hospital” season six is premiering on Friday, March 20 on Adult Swim.The series is slated for 14 new episodes set in Brazil.