Vampire diaries stars dating real life

This made many fans excited over the possibility that Dobrev will still return on The CW series.Add this to the fact that executive producer Caroline Dries hinted on Dobrev's possible appearance on what could be the "TVD" series finale."I would say that, if The CW called today and was like, 'By the way, Season 7 is the last season,' then I think we would scramble to make sure she [Nina Dobrev] was in the finale.

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Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder may have long called it quits in real life but fans are still rooting to see both stars back together on "The Vampire Diaries." Now that Dobrev has split with her boyfriend, Austin Stowell, will fans finally get their wish to see "Delena" back on TV?Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev may reunite on "The Vampire Diaries" if fans will get their wish heard by the stars and the show's producers.According to the Inquisitr, fans were initially disappointed when Damon set Elena's comatose body on fire.However, fans were able to let out a sigh of relief when Damon found out from Enzo that he was only hallucinating and Elena's body is safe in New York. Actors meet while working together on a show, and the next thing you know, they hit it off.

These 15 couples dated while working on their shows, sometimes playing a couple on the show while also dating in real life. Either way, those relationships (and the subsequent break-ups) definitely had an affect on their shows.

Here are 15 couples whose real-life romances ruined their shows.

The publication further noted that Dobrev's departure from "TVD" came with a lot of speculations.

Several reports claimed that Dobrev's departure had something to do with her ex-boyfriend, Ian Somerhalder while others claimed that it was because of her then-boyfriend, Austin Stowell.

However, recent reports claimed that Dobrev and Stowell have already split after seven months of dating.

According to Mail Online, Dobrev and Stowell have chosen to end their relationship because of their busy schedules.