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In such case, XMLmind XML Editor (XXE) is still very nice to use because it simulates a very loose, dynamically created/dynamically updated, DTD. Ready-to-use support for the following document types: XHTML 1.0, 1.1, 5.0. Can dynamically apply to the styled view all the CSS styles found in style attributes, style elements and link elements pointing to CSS stylesheets. Fully supports CALS and HTML tables (this means: proper rendering and easy editing using specialized table editing commands). Proprietary extensions to CSS allow to style attributes, comments and processing instructions.

More info in XMLmind XML Editor - Support of Cascading Style Sheets (W3C CSS).

Can be used to author modular documents, even very fine grained ones. For document types other than DITA, modular documents are implemented using XIncludes.

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Supports graphics embedded in the XML document (SVG elements and images encoded in base64Binary) as well as references to external image files.

Has an advanced image viewport component which allows to render images on screen in a WYSIWYG fashion (this needs to be specified in the CSS style sheet).

New Release XHTML, DITA, Doc Book configurations: using toolbar button "Add table" to insert a table in the document now displays a dialog box allowing to quickly specify the number of rows and the number of columns of the new table.

The intended users of XMLmind XML Editor are not particularly the programmers but rather the technical writers. Supports DTD, W3C XML Schema, RELAX NG, Schematron schemas. This makes creating invalid documents almost impossible.

Automatically switches to lenient mode to make it easy fixing an invalid element. The word processor-like view is parametrized using a substantial subset of CSS2. Multiple, synchronized, views can be used to edit the same document, for example: a tree view showing XML nodes, a word processor-like view and another styled view only showing section titles. Proprietary extensions to CSS allow styled blocks and tables to be collapsed/expanded.

Automatically switches back to its strict, validating, normal editing mode, once the element is fixed. Comes with a Math tool which makes it easy adding equations to your XML documents without having to learn Math ML. Proprietary extensions to CSS allow controls such as buttons, check boxes, combo boxes, text fields, etc, to be embedded in the styled view.Can be used to edit XML documents not constrained by a grammar. With this feature, XXE can be used to edit XML data, XML documents or a mix of both content types.XMLmind XML Editor is a highly-extensible, multi-platform, validating XML editor featuring a word processor-like view.It makes it easy for technical writers to master XML vocabularies such as Doc Book or DITA.XMLmind XML Editor allows to edit large, complex, modular, XML documents.It makes it easy mastering XML vocabularies such as DITA or Doc Book.