Using facebook for dating

Users are also part-time matchmakers on the website because they will be facilitating introductions between friends.Braver singles can also directly message the site's bachelors and bachelorettes.

If your soulmate is still out there, chances are he or she is on Facebook.A new service called The Datable seeks to make love connections within Facebook's global network of more than 901 million users.The Datable urges users to round up eligible Facebook friends for a new social dating experiment.Tag your "datable" friends for others to connect with.It starts by building a network of single ladies and bachelors.

Users sign onto The Datable with a Facebook account and start tagging datable friends.Labeling someone as "datable" sends an invite to their Facebook inbox.Datable users are essentially inviting these singles to join the network.Of course, marking someone "datable" doesn't mean you want to date them yourself.It's more of a recommendation to your single friends.Why should singles use The Datable rather than more established rival services?