Updating openwrt

The first login to the router is done with telnet over LAN (the WLAN is not configured yet).You can login without a password and then need to set a root password using 'passwd'.As soon as the root password is set, telnet is disabled and login is only possible with ssh. You better turn option Password Auth to 'on' in /etc/config/dropbear to prevent locking you out, because file permissions of directory /etc/dropbear could be wrong and therefore disable public-key authentication.

updating openwrt-22

The Omnia design moves from the 1.2GHz, Power PC-based Freescale P2020 that powers the current Turris design to a 1.6GHz dual-core ARM So C: Marvell’s Armada-385.

The Armada-385 is a member of Marvell’s recently announced, 28nm-fabricated Armada 38x family of networking So Cs.

The So C is accompanied here with a cryptography chip that offers secure random number generation.

Now, it is expanding to a larger base via Indiegogo with a new Turris Omnia design touted for its high performance, security, automatic updates, and multiple servers.

CZ top level domain of the Czech Republic, released its first open source hardware and software router design called Turris in 2014, offering systems to interested hackers on an invitation-only basis.

The project has almost doubled its 0,000 Indiegogo goal, and there are still 54 days left to go in which to order a 9 device, up from a sold-out 9 early bird package, or for the mainboard only.

Shipments are expected in April 2016, although a ,000 prototype package will get you set up by January.

if you reboot the router, the Wi Fi will return to it's default, configured state (but this is exactly what I want).

But before you can start radvd, you need to configure it.

The provided config somehow refuses to work, so I changed it to include and normal radvd config file.

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