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Want members to be able to read what’s in a folder, but not change any content? Want them to be able to add to the folder, but not invite other users? When we first enabled P2P sync, you had to go to the Live Desktop to change the sync settings for a folder so that it would no longer synchronize with your Live Desktop and eat up your 5 GB storage limit.We heard from many customers that this was not very intuitive (and we agree: it wasn’t).Now you can change this sync setting from the Live Mesh software on your computer, without having to visit the Live Desktop at all..

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In this case you can select the ‘Deform’ option which integrates deformations with the mesh-cache result.Members of a folder can now be assigned one of the following roles to control their access rights: creator, owner, contributor, and reader.Previously, the only permission level (aka “role”) you could set for a member was “owner,” which meant that all members had the same control over the contents of a folder (adding, changing, deleting) as you did.Now, you can assign specific permissions for each member in a Live Mesh folder.We’re extremely happy to be able to say: You can do this now!

This makes the Live Desktop experience much more intuitive and even more aligned with Windows.Note that the drag-and-drop feature currently only works with a Windows PC and Internet Explorer 6 or later..modifier is used so animated mesh data can be applied to a mesh and played back, deforming the mesh.This works in a similar way to shape-keys but is aimed at playing back external files and is often used for interchange between applications.This setting defaults to ‘Overwrite’ which will replace the vertex locations with those in the cache file.However, you may want to use shape-keys, for example, and mix them with the mesh-cache.