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This is an important reminder for all immigrant visa applicants in India: immigrant visa applicants must create a profile on and choose a location for passport pick-up or delivery, upon successful completion of visa interview. Alternatively, an applicant may opt to have his/her passport delivered at any address of their choice in India, provided the same is serviced by Blue Dart, by remitting INR 300/- per passport.

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This is sometimes called 'activating' by immigrants."Activation" is not a term used by Government officials.The visa is good for one admission only -- however that admission grants status as a permanent resident.Your Immigrant Visa is a full passport-page size sticker placed in your passport.Upon arrival, the visa will be stamped ("endorsed") by the CBP officer, and can serve as the documentary equivalent of your "Green Card" for one year from endorsement.

This is useful in case your Green Card takes too long to produce or is lost in the mail to you.

There are two distinct parts to your immigrant arrival: your status and your documentation of that status.

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vgnextoid=0c353a4107083210Vgn VCM100000082ca60a RCRD&vgnextchannel=0c353a4107083210Vgn VCM100000082ca60a RCRD International Travel as a Permanent Resident] This entry discusses traveling to the United States after receiving an Immigrant Visa and the admission procedure.