Updating from panther to leopard

Try restarted with Shift key down to quit remaining processes. The problem manifests itself as a yellow banner across the top of an event in Entourage that states that the event is scheduled in a different time zone to your computer's time zone.It appears to be a conflict between 'PST' & 'PDT' timezones. Select Switch Identity and see if your old identity is still listed.

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You need to rebuild" The "Verify database" has been known to give false reports.One option that can cause these false reports is a corrupted preference.Try deleting this preference file in your User's -- do a verify operation. If you have more than one, delete all and let Entourage create a new one when it launches. You should have only one Microsoft Database daemon in your "Startup items".

Back to Top If you install Motion 2.1, part of Final Cut Studio 5.1, or other applications that use "split segment" non-system libraries on an Intel-based Mac, then Microsoft Office applications may fail to launch. Entourage automatically launches: Check for some third-party applications that schedule events.Menu Calendar Clock can launch Entourage every time it checks for events (whether or not you have set are any events for Entourage).If it gives you a clean bill of health, you know you are safe in turning off the background checking.Some users have had to uncheck this preference to stop the constant warnings.If you are not experiencing any problems turn off the "Verify database". Entourage quits in Rebuild screen before I can choose an option.I do recommend that you run regular backups of your database. There could be a conflict with another application. Time Zone Bug: There is a bug that appeared around the time of the switch to DST (Daylight Saving Time).