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Today, the citizens of the UAE are reaping the benefits of substantial investment in infrastructure, housing, education and health services.

In addition, the UAE's remarkably open and tolerant society has attracted over 200 nationalities to live and work here in harmony.

The high standard of living experienced in the UAE is reflected in its inclusion in the human development, and its ranking of fortieth out of a total of 187 countries worldwide.

In a difficult and unstable region, and in a country with a rapidly growing population, a large percentage of whom are expatriates, the UAE's approach to human rights is both proactive and evolving, as is shown by the significant progress made in improving and expanding labour regulations and human trafficking laws, women's rights, protection of children, and promotion of equality before the law.

In particular, the UAE has made great efforts to bring its national legislation in line with international norms, ratifying many international human rights conventions in the process.

Much more is under way in terms of developing human rights and part of this enhancement process involves review and debate in international fora.In accordance with the Human Rights Council's mandate, which involves a periodic review of the human rights record of all UN member states, the UAE has completed two four-yearly Universal Periodic Review (UPR) reports, the second of which was adopted on the 7 June 2013.But in that relatively short time a stable political system has evolved in response to the needs of a modern nation state and the aspirations of its citizens.This political system, which is consistent with the culture and traditions of the UAE and is underpinned by a Constitution that guarantees the rights of all UAE citizens, is characterised by a strong consultative relationship between citizens and government, the application of the rule of law and good governance. moderation and tolerance are basic principles in guiding our political orientation and represent lofty values to the citizens of the United Arab Emirates and to our society as a whole.UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan laid out the political parameters of UAE human rights policy . In this sense, the United Arab Emirates has been and will remain committed to moderation in its approach, and accepts other communities as part of a diverse world built on mutual respect.It is these human values which have informed our convictions with regard to many issues such as counterterrorism, human rights, the empowerment of women, and coexistence among peoples and communities.