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You have arrived at the blog of the woman with her finger on the pulsing dick of 2015. It’s a true cornucopia of content: The most amazing part?

Elena creates all her sick content WHILE running a legally suspect and probably exploitative service possibly trafficking humans and definitely profiting off the intractably skewed power disparity between wealthy men benefiting from the vagaries of the global economic system/institutionalized sexism and the circumscribed opportunity of women from the former Soviet Union.

When you talk to ukrainian girls you will inevitably come across of some of the common shit tests they use. This test implies: Are you in Ukraine to hunt girls?

If you answer I am a professional searching for business opportunities,interested in buying real estate,trying to open a shop or franchise etc you are in to be considered a liar. If you answer I came for a week she may decide you are not material for LTR. Are you not eligible to get a wife in your country or are you irresponsible? The answer is sth along the lines of unluckiness I did not happen to meet sb special so she will question whether you are social and cannot find girls through social circles. Like most FSU countries, its only now starting to drag itself out of the dirt.So carefully choose one reason why you are in Ukraine. Tourist can mean sex tourist for them especially if you happen to be in a city flood by sex tourists or in a city with absolutely no tourist attraction. If you answer I came to stay for long(student etc) she will suspect you are a liar. If you answer girls in my country suck you may appear as a sociopath or low value who cannot get a decent gf in his country. The people may not look it, but the vast majority are actually quite poor by western standards and life is a daily struggle for most of them.So you have to think of a clear answer before to this question. Or you may appear that you have high selection criteria so she is likely to be excluded as well. They may look first world, but they are far from it.From my experience it is usually better to tell the truth but promise to come back soon to show that you are a frequent traveller. Or that you have a problem in character or a secret disadvantage that puts off girls. The women themselves dont have time to waste either.It’s a common misconception that the best blogs in the world are the Gawker Media blogs and Perez It’s hard to believe, but there’s actually a better blog out there............... Written by certified life coach and definitely not a bot Elena Petrova, “Elena’s Models Blog” is an OFT-overlooked vertical on

Elenas, a web platform facilitating transactional romance between Slavic women and western men. Like the most adorable parts of a Russian Matryoshka doll, the blog is nestled deep inside showier quarters.In this case specifically, within a confusing framework of opportunities to Skype/provide immigration support in exchange for sex/SMS/pay money to engage in an elaborate fantasy in which one provides immigration support in exchange for sex to Russian and Ukrainian women.Type your browser or, alternately, search “Russian bride sites” into Google. But don’t “find out more.” Ignore the various banner ads trumping “Unlimited Live Text Chats & Emails” for .99 a month, testimonials, FAQs, and various pop-ups, and scroll down to the bottom, where you will see a little box that says “Blog.” Jackpot!If she asks why do you come here often say that you have visited most European countries and Ukraine is your favourite you like the architecture and nature. If you answer girls in my coutry are good she will ask then why do you not have a wife or girlfriend. They are over the hill at 25 and if they are unmarried as they move into their late 20’s they are really in quite a bit bit of trouble.Its over if they are in their 30’s for the most part.Now when they struggle like they do, it means nothing more than financial instability and loneliness for them as they get older.