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Fourteen-year-old Jazz Jennings is your typical young girl, learning to balance school, her friends, her family and everything in between.

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In 2004, Jennings was diagnosed with gender identity disorder.

The TLC series will feature Jennings and her family, including parents Greg and Jeanette — who have encouraged their daughter to be who she is but now worry about what's next; Ari, Jazz's older sister and a freshman in college; Griffen and Sander, Jazz's 17-year-old twin brothers who are juniors in high school and are extremely protective of her; as well as Jack and Jacky, Jazz's maternal grandparents, who at first struggled to understand their granddaughter but have since fully embraced her.

"Jazz’s story is universal, yet unique, and we’re proud to partner with her family to share it with TLC’s audience," TLC GM Nancy Daniels said.

Only TLC can tell this family's story in way that celebrates and demystifies difference in an effort to help create a world without prejudice," said Marjorie Kaplan, Group President, TLC & Animal Planet.

We know you can't wait for the show to air, so in the meantime, get to know Jazz by watching the Q&A she posted to You Tube last summer.

The 11-episode series will feature Jennings — dubbed "The New Face of Transgender Youth" — in her daily life, juggling her foray into high school while navigating how a transgender teen approaches dating and sleepovers all while avoiding male puberty.

Jennings, who has been featured on with Jessica Herthel about living as a transgender teen — expressed her desire for all things typically associated with girls at an early age.

She's shared her story through a series of You Tube videos and has served as an inspiration to teens experiencing the exact same thing. Not because I'm being cocky or anything, but because this is who I am and I'm proud of who I am. It makes me a stronger person, a more confident person, and it just makes me myself," she said in a recent You Tube video.

She's decided to share her story in the upcoming series "All That Jazz." Set to premiere this summer, Jazz will explain how she handles all the typical teen experiences, including dating, sleepovers and high school.

You'll get to know Jazz, but also her understanding parents, Greg and Jeanette, her grandparents Jack and Jacky, and her siblings Ari, Griffen and Sander.

"We know that families come in all shapes and sizes, but at their core, they are all about love, acceptance, and support.