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If you're new here, you may want to Subscribe to our Tokio Hotel Headliner, and get daily FREE updates on: Tokio Hotel News, Tokio Hotel Gossip, Tokio Hotel Goodies Tokio Hotel Videos, Tokio Hotel Pictures, Tokio Hotel Merchandise And much more Daily Tokio Hotel stuff! Those among us (and among you), who are fans of the Magdeburger boygroup “Tokio Hotel” as well, are now additionally at the latest deeply impressed and shout, at least half-loudly, a “Donnerwetter” (= Wow! Instead of flying back to Los Angeles after a performance in Stockholm, the former model comes to Hamburg for visiting Tom. v=Rny Ddf Vgqn Q check that out ( my fave part is at OMG!

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Tom proves also in this situation, that he`s a real Gentleboy, lays his arms around her and helps the stumbling back on the right way. of course, it would be another ich bin if you don’t scream take it off!

Two hours later Tom leaves the hotel, sits in his Audi, drives away. Back at home the next news about Tom were tweeted: ” I wish, I had one more great night in Germany.” That`s for sure possible. i talked to myself already and realized that i will move on from this issue!

Chantelle flys at pm to London, from there to her home town Los Angeles. But the next time you possibly better go in the hotel.

Then the couple “sailed” more, allowed themselves some drinks at the bar of the hotel “East” and returned to the hotel of the singer.

Instead of disappearing in the hotelroom, Tom and Chantelle kissed each other nearly half an hour in his car until the windows got steamed up mercifully. Good luck Chantell – trying to take my fantasies away!

At 3 o`clock in the morning they finally “dropped anchor” at the hotel. Hahhahahahahah I am so glad you had that discussion with yourselves!

Chantelle could really badly coordinate her high heels with the cobblestones. anyway, i still have william moseley & taylor lautner to drool on!

The kissing-protocoll, recorded to the best of one`s knowledge and belief and with the necessary caution: Chantelle landed with flight SAS 2645 of the Scandinavian Airlines at Monday evening pm at the airport Hamburg. ( movie’s out this november ) but u can see the trailer at youtube.

From there she drove to the city, checked in cost-consciously at the 3 stars “Suitehotel Hamburg City” near the central station.

Tom picked up her there with his silver-grey Audi R8 at 10 pm.

Both drove to the Elbe, visited together the Italian restaurant “La Vela”, what means “The sail”.