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And as the only site in category that matches singles based on extensive scientific research, our success speaks for itself.

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We are incredibly passionate about helping single men and women find their perfect match based on their preferences of ethnicity, religion, lifestyle, special interests and more.

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Scammers use sophisticated techniques and eventually may begin to know exactly the sort of people to target and how to …

Dating online can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, with the endless profiles to search through.

But with Love Me Cupid, online dating is made easier: we send your compatible matches to you, helping you connect with like-minded singles, knowing that you'll have the best possible start to a relationship.

Our 4 steps system 1) Fill out our Relationship Questionnaire and receive your FREE Personality Profile 2) We send you your highly-compatible matches - which you can review for FREE 3) When you're ready to communicate, choose the subscription that suits you 4) Start talking to your matches, and get dating Our primary goal is to match you with like-minded singles amongst whom we hope you'll find the love of your life.The Love Me Cupid (powered by is an online dating app enabling you find your love on the go. Unlike other dating sites, where a great photo is all that matters, Love Me takes online dating to the next level, by taking into account things like common personality traits, interests, values, and beliefs.********** Free Registration and Free Matching ********** Love Me Cupid is one the fastest growing dating Community.If you've become tired of searching for dates on nights out in bars, or trying to catch the eye of someone in your local cafe, online dating is for you and online dating apps is your working tool.In our busy lives, it can be hard to meet someone, and even if you do, how do you know you'll share the same interests and beliefs that will lead to you having a happy relationship?Love Me Cupid is powered by, with us you don’t need to sell yourself or search through endless profiles – we do the work for you.