Straight women dating gay men

”, “Because I’m gay.”, “We should get married.”, and on and on – it was ridiculous. Clearly I hadn’t made enough mistakes before shagging my B(G)FF to learn that it’s easier to see the lines after you’ve crossed them.

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In pop culture and in real life, it seems to be a platonic coupling that works for a lot of amazing friendships.

That goes for my real life too: And a new study has confirmed that there may be a reason that the two are drawn to each other.

According to researchers, "straight women and gay men perceive mating advice provided by each other to be more trustworthy than similar advice offered by other individuals." The theory arose out of an experiment where heterosexual female and homosexual male participants were asked to rate the perceived trustworthiness of advice of "Jordan", a person with a Facebook profile who was alternately presented as male or female, straight or gay.

The researchers speculate that straight women may doubt advice from other straight women because of possible competition over the man in question, and they may not trust straight men because they think he has ulterior motives. While I do love and trust my gay male friends, I still think I depend on my girlfriends for relationship advice more than anyone.

In fact, I'm kind of offended at the suggestion that I wouldn't trust other straight women.

And it's curious that if that's the reason, it doesn't seem to have the same effect with reversed genders, as in straight men and gay women, or for that matter, with gay men and gay women.

The researchers' vague explanation there is that previous research suggests that gay men and lesbian women lack closeness in social contexts.

Welcome to a shameful and embarrassing page of my journal. There were things that neither of us were into, though we couldn’t say so directly. It hasn’t hurt our relationship, but we’d take it back if we could. It will shadow over us like the ghost of Hamlet’s father, forever.

And let it be said, here and now, from the guy who never needs a good reason to have sex, that sometimes it’s just not worth it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I closed my eyes and thought of England, but I did start regretting it shortly after we started. I hope one day we’ll remember it as nothing more than a blip compared to everything else our friendship has endured, or perhaps we won’t remember it at all.

Out with it: I’m gay, my best girlfriend is straight, and we kinda-sorta-accidentally had sex. Alas, we simply found ourselves together one night after she’d just been dumped. Mark my words: friends, work colleagues, etc., should not be fucked with. All you guys out there who’ve never has sex with a woman – stay away!

We had some red wine, “Why can’t I find a guy like you? I swear, in my early sex life I wanted to fuck anyone I could, regardless of appropriateness.