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It turns out that this is everyone - everyone involved firmly believes it is out of character for him or her and that they would never normally do this sort of thing.

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"), or whimsical ("If you had to marry an animal, which animal would you choose? I can't say I found the love of my life this night, but it was worth it anyway.

Like an extreme sport of a more social type, it was fun and intense watching what people (ourselves included) would say or do under the influence of each other. It's a metaphorical thing and I believe it can reveal volumes about one's tastes and personality.

My answer, in case you're wondering, is a cat, because I like independence and coyness bordering on the aloof. One of my friends, on the other hand, likes to answer "any beast of burden," because he's not so into dishes.

Like online dating and other matchmaking services, we think this sort of thing is for "other people".

Speed dating is something we all know about but probably haven't experienced.

This week we're once again concerned not so much with the outer reaches of the TTC, but the outer reaches of our comfort zones. " The summer air is making us brave here at GTA Tripping.I say "on speed" because for those of us who tend to be on the hyper charged side of the mood scale at the best of times, this sort of thing is compounded in this context. Just as we do when we approach an immigration officer at the airport, we naturally feel a few nerves in front of new people, especially if they have some power over us, or are most certainly judging us.(Remind me to never have a first date with an immigration officer.) At the speed dating night last Wednesday, hosted by 25dates.com, we only had to keep our "dates" amused for three minutes at a time.The thing about being on a three minute date is that under that pressure most everything you say will sound foreign and weird to you.You'll listen to it exit your mouth and float across the table for interpretation and then sit there, amazed by how boring ("What do you do?