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Indeed, renowned naturalist and television presenter, Simon King waxed lyrical about Shetland in his 3-part programme, 'Shetland Diaries'.He was so taken with the islands, and all they have to offer, he continues to return here time after time.This passion for Shetland is true for so many of our visitors who return to Blydest year after year.

SHETLAND’s stormy weather may not be great for trees but the island group may provide the best place in the UK for businesses to put down roots research has found.

A study for e Bay UK found Shetland Islands Council has the highest survival rate for business start ups of any local authority in the country.

Some 56 per cent of start ups in Shetland were found to survive for five years or more compared with a Scotland and UK average of 42 per cent.

Managing director Steve Lucas said: “ Shops and other services outlets located in Shetland may face less competitive pressure from businesses located in neighbouring areas, due to time and costs involved in searching for and accessing alternative sources of supply on the part of local residents or businesses.” The bulk of the 10 authorities with the best survival rates cover largely rural areas, including North Norfolk, Rutland and Cotswold. Mike Cherry, chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, noted that online platforms such as e Bay reduce the cost of starting businesses and can allow firms to reach wider consumer bases.

The following information is by no means exhaustive of the many attractions on offer.

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Lerwick is Shetland's capital - a cosmopolitan and lively town, just as it was in the 17th century, when the Dutch herring fleet was a thriving industry.

Mati Ventrillon, who runs a knitwear business on Fair Isle said: “Previously only tourists visiting the Island could buy our knitwear, but online means I can now serve customers as far away as Patagonia.” Shetland Islands Council launched a campaign to boost the population of Fair Isle last year.

Shetland might once have been known as Ultima Thule – the end of the world, but for visitors to Shetland it's the beginning of an amazing journey, to a fascinating group of islands.

Fantastic walks, breathtaking scenery, golden sands, wildlife to astound, archaeological sites - dating back over 4000 years, mouthwatering local produce, traditional and contemporary arts and crafts, and a thriving music scene.

Even the most world-weary traveller can't fail to be impressed with Shetland's varied and outstanding attractions.