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So most of the time she was alone and working, watching movies, yoga etc. She slid her hands into my pants and pinched my butt. As I tried to get near, she kicked my flat stomach with her boots. Once inside Lincoln tunnel, she turned back and kissed me on my lips. People stated waking up and I let go off my hands on her body. As we crossed 8th avenue, I pulled her hand back and said, "Mala, I want to have dinner with you tonight." "I can't Sid, I am married and have a son.""How about at least a cup of chai at my place before you get home? "This is my card, in case you change your mind, e-mail or call me. During the ride I found out that she had a loving husband who provided for her but was not too much into the marriage due to his travels and her son was busy with school and activities. Then she went and sat on the edge of the couch in the living room and was teasing me provocatively.

I Dumped my laptop into my bag and headed to the bus stop.

Next time the bus lurched forward, I said in a loud voice to the driver. People can't handle the bumps."Hearing this she smiled a bit. I didn't move or apologize waiting for her reaction. Since his nosey wife was not home, this was a non-issue. I turned on some music on my system which ran on batteries.

I dared a bit more and rubbed my hard crotch between her butt. I started going up and down on her butt with my crotch, she looked back at me and was very nervous. She stuttered and said, "Mala." I worked my hands through her leather short jacket and felt her boobs. I introduced Mala as a co-worker who didn't have electiricty at her home and would stay with me for dinner. I like your taste." When we were done she took the tray to the kitchen.

I leaned my head towards her shoulders and could hear her slight moan. We got off at the bus stop and Ashish picked us up.

Almost 95% of South Brunswick Township was affected by Hurricane Sandy. At the age of 39, I am 5'10" fit, brown skinned, having fine biceps, firm palms and great smile. I rushed to my neighbor Ashish and discussed the situation. He recommended taking the suburban bus off route 27 near Durga temple and even volunteered to drop me off at the bus stop. I brushed past all the folks standing to the back of the bus. The most beautiful East Indian woman at the back of the bus. She was wearing a light brown dress with polka dots and tall brown boots. I still had gas, so I could cook and I also had warm water for shower. She went in and came back while I prepared Chai for the both of us. She instantly crossed her hands over but she wasn't shy.

I lost power in my Condo and so did all the folks in my community. "But Mike, there are no train services into Manhattan," I replied calmly. Though he said the bus will be packed and travel time is more, he was certain that I would get to the city. She came out, removing her jacket and that's when I saw her in the candle light.

I work in mid-town Manhattan and getting to work was out of the question. I spoke to my boss over the phone and informed him of my reluctance to get back to work even though the storm had passed. I took a quick shower but didn't care to shave my 7 'O clock shadow, changed into my black wool pants, black dress shoes, lavender dress shirt and my dress belt.

today.""Sure Boss, I replied."I was planning to hit the gym and have a good time. No more stops, next stop is Manhattan." As the bus jerked forward, the woman fell on my chest. She was about 42 years, 5'3", slim, fair, medium hair. Since the bus was moving slowly and people were taking naps, the lights were off. This time, I moved forward and my crotch touched her butt. When we reached the community, I went to my condo with Mala. I told her, "Keep them on, they look sexy on you." She smiled.

Next, I started rubbing her pussy with my two fingers.

I pulled the dress to her waist and squeezed the boobs under her white bra. I unhooked the bra and put my hands under her dress and pulled them down and threw them behind the couch. Now she was nude except for her white pearl necklace, tall brown boots and wedding ring.

I lifted her dress up, I saw her light sexy thighs. I pulled her up, kissing her, put my hands in the back and unzipped her dress.