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Here’s a Smart Bitches Day post for y’all, to welcome you back. But you won’t see me posting any cheesecake recipes. By my third year, however, I should have known something was up. Sadly, my memories of this one far exceed the experience of re-reading. Thirty years ago, Niven and Pournelle took a cheap shot at Kurt Vonnegut by imagining his gravestone in hell, with the inscription, So it Goes. Leave a message in the comments, and I’ll give you some cool linky love below.Aside from our third trip to the beach for kite-flying (yay! ) (and the woman sunbathing in the nude — she’s worth a yay, too. ) I spent the weekend writing 8000-and-something words, half of which comprised a chapter-long sex scene. My son doesn’t like it and my wife never eats more than a slice. Leave a comment, and I’ll give you some hot linky love. For the first two or three years of residency, I knew I had a “nervous cough.” Every morning hack hack hack, this dry retching thing that would only subside by 10 or 11. Because (A) I obviously wasn’t sick, and (B) morning rounds made me irritable as hell. The stress level dips in your third and fourth years (only to jump to celestial levels in your chief year) and, for a brief time, life is good. I tried it recently and couldn’t even get through the first 50 pages. Well, ha-ha, Vonnegut’s still going strong (well, he’s still going, at any rate). Darla’s European Vacation Pat’s List of Literary Wunderkinds (wunderkinden?

Laryngospasm in this context is an emergency measure designed to prevent aspiration. And damn, but it A random memory of an odd little woman made me realize something about my work in progress: I’ve never once asked myself what my heroine wants from a relationship. Hong Kong Chinese, upper class British accent, tinier even than my wife, and skinnier, too.

In other words, my body was none too keen to see my lungs bathed in caramel syrup and carbolic acid, or whatever the hell Coke’s secret ingredient is. If you’d passed her on the street, you would assume she was a sixth- or seventh-grader.

In the long run, laryngospasm is incompatible with life, but in practice, folks either manage to break the spasm or pass out (whereupon the spasm breaks spontaneously — you hope). I’m standing now, hands at my throat, making funny noises in a room with two other ENTs, two urology residents, two interns, and an irrelevant number of almost-doctors. Not that any of that is relevant, but it did make her a memorable character.

Writing this scene, I didn’t give much thought to the question. Fuck the Vote is part satire and part activism, taking cues from both MTV’s Rock the Vote campaign and from the porn industry; the website shows pictures of the growing number of liberal male and female models ready to knock boots to knock out Bush. In other news: Mel Gibson preempts the tabloids by posting a photo from his recent bust for driving under the influence. *There must be a name for the rhetorical trick of assuming a fact without providing any proof. Unless you look like Erin O’Brien (and I know you don’t, Hoffman), keep your shirt on. So there we were, three ENTs, two urology residents, two interns, and one or two med students, watching viddies, ready to chow down. Folks with I don’t know how well these books stand up over time. I used Zitelli’s modification of a bilobed flap (if you’re not too squeamish, click here for a description with photos and diagrams).

I merely tried to write a scene which worked for me. Yes, Mel, your arrest facilitates the International Jewish Conspiracy‘s plan for world domination. On the other hand, there’s a Latin legal phrase for situations in which the facts are so plainly obvious no one would dare disagree: In preparation for tonight’s live video blogging session (8 PM to 9 PM PST, longer if Dean shows up), I’ve decided to set out some basic ground rules for my personal behavior. Do not rub, scratch, or otherwise fondle your nose. I took a big mouthful of white rice, dry-swallowed, and the bolus lodged somewhere below the level of my thyroid and wouldn’t moved. Fond memories do not often equal a pleasurable reread. In short, I elevated a fan-shaped flap of skin with two lobes.

No matter what you do to your nose, everyone will think you’re picking it. I felt like I was being deep-throated by a rogue elephant. Recently, I tried to reread Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain series and thought it a pale imitation of Tolkien. A list like this is a biography of sorts — or, at the very least, a growth chart. The first lobe consisted of a round area equal to my defect, the second a leaf-shaped lobe equal to half the defect.

First, Dean feted us with calories, and now Michelle wants to make me fat, too. With my sister’s help, I learned to read thanks to the Curious George series and the L. Atrocious writing, laughable dialog — I couldn’t get past the first chapter. Those were the days, when a guy could impress girls by reading a gnarly-looking book. And what if they didn’t particularly like being there?

Michelle has also been infected by the cheesecake meme. (Oh, Prince Val, will you ever come out of the closet? Recently, I picked up a copy of this book, thinking Jake might like the series. All of the math got stuck into the appendix (I remember puzzling over the Lorentz transformations — way beyond me, even in 6th grade). What if you could collect the souls of famous or talented dead people and stuff ’em into your skull?

No matter how many of these lists I read, I always learn something new. ) so the boys have to finish the job on their own, battling Amazonians (nothing PC about this book, no sirree), army ants, anacondas, and some sort of predatory cat. Orphan boy gets adopted by ladder-building freak who keeps him locked up in a cage. According to the publisher, this novel “dramatically changed children’s literature in the 20th century.” I don’t know if that’s hyperbole, but I do recall this book was way different than anything I’d read up to that point (3rd of 4th grade, that is). Do we really want to have some guy with the clap screwing our women? In the beginning, I loved the bug-eyed looks the older kids gave me when I read it in the library. Great explanations of the twin paradox and the expanding universe, the red-shift, and the Doppler effect.

Here’s some linky love to go with your morning coffee: Michelle posted a great list of editing tips. In this, the first novel of the series, dad gets taken out of the picture early (stabbed by spies, or something like that — I haven’t read this book in nearly four decades! They ask themselves: we have a good thing going here. Another near-apocalyptic short story I remember well and still love: Larry Niven’s , by ??? From 2nd grade until 6th grade, I must have checked this book out twenty times.

No problem — I could wash it down with a swig of Diet Coke, right? The Coke bounced off the rice and splashed onto my vocal cords, which promptly went into spasm. I’m going to try to go live with my webcam tomorrow evening at 8 PM PST. The whole thing rotates down and, if I’ve done everything right, closes like a charm. Here’s the odd little woman: She was in the College of Chemistry with us at Berkeley.