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May be the cause of Newer Than They Think, especially if Dante is much younger than the work.Again, it's easier to have Word of Dante if there is no longer anyone to give Word of God. is a version of this, where the Word of Dante is a phrase.

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Without Word of God or Word of Saint Paul, Word of Dante is the strongest authority you have on how to interpret the canon.

Often created when an Expanded Universe claims to be "official" and thus canon, but is ignored by the primary canon.

If there a Word of God, however, then what Word of Dante does get produced is just as likely as Fanon to be Jossed at some point. May also help create Misaimed Fandom if the Dante's ideas contradict true canon or Word of God.

) have said is true about their universe, even though it's not in the actual work.

Word of Saint Paul is stuff that the secondary creators (such as major actors in a movie) have said, or what those with close connections to the secondary or primary creators (such as close friends or family members) have said.

Word of Dante is stuff that neither the creators nor anyone remotely involved with the work has said is true about their universe — but everyone assumes it is true because an independent authority, scholar of the work, Big Name Fan, or the creator of an adaptation has said it — often with supporting arguments.

It's a kind of ascended Fanon (though not Ascended Fanon).

A more literary criticism-friendly technical term for it would be thinks the Word of Dante applies to the original work, and so it gets mixed into future adaptations and popular allusions.

It can even overrule original canon (if that isn't known as much as it's known of) or Word of God.

Take our Trope Namer: if it weren't for Dante Alighieri, later writers wouldn't speak of hell having circles with specific Karmic Punishments. A place of darkness and wailing and gnashing of teeth, a lake of fire — that's really as specific as it gets.

That there are specific places in Hell to send the unchaste, the literal infidels, and the betrayers is all Dante's idea.