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Forty-three years ago, I accepted Jesus at a little chapel called Calvary. I had never heard anyone present the Gospel of Christ as passionately and personally as Chuck did.I was 14 and I knew this Jesus that he talked about went to the cross for me.

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Today, in the hearing of his passing, I shed not tears of sadness but tears of joy.Knowing without a speck of doubt that he is now rejoicing in celebration with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Chuck Smith was a blessing from God in my childhood, for God used him to turn me away from the troubles in my home and to face instead the wonderful teachings of His Word. I have felt the fiery love of the Holy Spirit burning in my heart to minister to the lost of this new generation, as my eyes are filled with tears I am overcome with the Lord's longing to reach the so many hurting people of the world.I pray to the Lord that I might minister to His people in the same way you have ministered to me in my life pastor Chuck.That's where I saw the home page with the news. He's with the Lord and he must be so happy-- but for me a great light has gone... The angels must be delirious with joy..of heaven must be so happy he's home. Kerry WIllis Many years ago I stumbled upon Pastor Chuck's broadcast and was really intrigued with his message on the Holy Spirit. There were many things that I did not understand and through my search for answers, God allowed me to meet Pastor Chuck through his broadcast.

How I've loved Pastor Chuck's smiling face. A blessing that changed my life, that delivered (delivers! God bless your family in your sadness, in your unfathomable loss. I guess the Lord couldn't bear to be without him one minute longer. Pastor Chuck taught with simplicity and clarity, exactly what I needed.How I've learned from him and from other people who have learned from him. Letting it out there, in all It's glory, filling it in with context, history, facts- to make the complicated language a little more comprehensible and real. What a work the Lord did for me, for all through Pastor Chuck. ) the word in a way I just devour--and will continue to. Oh, my Pastor Chuck, how I will miss your kind, kind face. I will miss hearing Pastor Chuck on Pastor's Perspective, but I am so grateful to God for his ministry. Thank you, Pastor Chuck for all you have given to us. Tenneh M Carter Pastor Chuck Smith has not only played a key role in my life (in his sharing of the Word of God) but also by influencing my father during his younger hippie days while Calvary Chapel was still young.What a blessing he has been in my life-- way out here in New York-- what a tremendous influence his way of teaching has been in my life. As a young child in the 90's I would listen to his radio broadcasts, and record his messages onto cassette tapes so that I could later listen to them whenever I wished.Again, I say thank you pastor Chuck for allowing the Lord to take His rightful place in your life, guiding you until the very end like a loving Father holds His child's hand to protect them from harm as He leads them home.Your God given messages have brought many friends and family home Chuck, as they have already stepped into eternity from the moment they accepted Christ as their Savior. Trevor Paul Hirsch Trevor Paul Hirsch Pastor Jack always described Pastor Chuck as: "he's like your grandpa." Several months ago Pastor Chuck was at our church speaking. Eric "Rico" Sandoval Nairobi, Kenya Pastor Chuck has impacted my life irrevocably, what started as just listening to Bible teaching from Chuck ushered in uncontrollable desire for the Scripture which up to date i cannot shake off.I wanted to walk up and hug him because I knew I would probably not see him again in this world. I have began teaching the same in our local congregation (Haven of Hope) "of course verse by verse just like Chuck" I enrolled at Pan Africa Christian University to study Theology and become better equipped to continue teaching the word.