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Many times the digestive juices cannot penetrate and break down the food preserved by vinegar, and so the fermented food passes through the system just as it was swallowed.A few fermented foods, such as yogurt and beer, are not salted or preserved with vinegar.These types of fermented foods are usually held at low temperatures or bottled to inhibit the continuing growth of the fermenting bacteria ?

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These bacteria aid in the breakdown of food particles and are a part of our native intestinal microflora.By eating foods rich in bacteria (such as fermented foods), it is believed that our own native bacteria will be enriched and re-established. The effects of fermented foods on the intestinal bacteria are only transitory at best.For example, one of the major so-called beneficial bacteria is called , and it does not survive long in that environment.Vinegar is another popular additive to various fermented foods.Vinegar itself is the result of fermentation and is used in concentration to halt the continual decay of fermented foods.

Vinegar, however, disrupts the digestion, kills healthy blood cells, and irritates all the membranes.Pickles and other foods which have been soaked in vinegar are rendered totally indigestible.Once a food has begun to ferment, it usually continues to do so until it has completely rotted. Salt is a useless and harmful inorganic chemical that should never be eaten.To halt the fermentation process, either salt, vinegar or extreme cold is used to inhibit the growth of the bacteria living in the food. Pickles, sauerkraut, cheese and other fermented foods are very heavily salted. The salt in fermented foods prevents the native bacteria from multiplying to the point where putrefaction occurs.Foods preserved with salt should not be included in the diet.