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It shouldn’t surprise me if at this time next week I’m surrounded by family, gathered on short help decide, after what’s happened, what’s to be done with me now.It must be this hovering knowledge, that two-ton safe swaying on a frayed rope just over my head, that makes everyone so glad to see me again.”MEDIUM / On Kindness by Cord Jefferson"...rather than the pain of her youth hobbling her such that more pain was all she had left to offer, she decided early in her life that her sorrows were evidence of too much heartache in the world as it was."OXFORD AMERICAN / Dixie Zen by Sam Anderson“Tubing, more than any narcotic, fundamentally changes your perception of time.

I had started on this behaviour more or less by accident, still thinking that I would find someone I loved and begin a relationship. Sometimes I couldn’t cross the barriers that keep people from expressing their desires.

Now I sought out sex even when it would lead nowhere. Rejection didn’t hurt any less, although it didn’t hurt more, and I knew better now how to work through it, mostly by having sex with other people.”SALON / The Day I Left My Son in the Car by Kim Brooks“I made a split-second decision to run into the store.

I thought of it as an important way to connect with friends. I had no idea it would consume the next years of my life.”THE NEW YORKER / This Old Man by Roger Angell"Decline and disaster impend, but my thoughts don’t linger there.

It's not known yet whether it is malignant but that is possible.

It needs taking out and he'll be operated on in about a week.

We don't know yet what any of this means, in terms of further problems or none, or possible side effects from the operation.It's a very uncertain time for us.”“This was just my life: I lived it and sometimes had sex with people.Each year, I keep a running list of exceptional nonfiction that I encounter as I publish The Best of Journalism, an email newsletter that I send out once or twice a week.This is my annual attempt to bring some of those stories to a wider audience.I could not read or note every worthy article that was published last calendar year a BUZZFEED / Why I Bought a House in Detroit for 0 by Drew Philp"After college, as my friends left Michigan for better opportunities, I was determined to help fix this broken city by building my own home in the middle of it." THE GUARDIAN / 'There Is Going to Be a Destruction…The Obliteration of a Person' by Marion Coutts“A small tumour has been detected in Tom's brain.