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If there is enough interest, extra times can be arranged.

If students complete all three courses successfully, they fulfill their IS requirement for graduation.

Pete and Brian have also studied the early 15th Century longsword fighting method of Fiore dei Liberi with Bob Charron of St. Brian is a credentialed Moniteur d'Armes and certified in foil, epee, and sabre through the United States Fencing Coaches Association; he is also an assistant instructor at the Madison Fencing Academy and a member of the Executive Committee of the Wisconsin Division of the United States Fencing Association.

The Fencing class is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from - in the gym, and our club meetings have traditionally been held immediately after class.

The Sabre Rattlers is the fencing club at the University of Wisconsin-Rock County in Janesville.

Membership is open to all students, and most take either the Introductory or Intermediate Fencing course offered by the campus.

The club also offers Associate Membership for people who have their own fencing equipment but are not students.

Associate Members are allowed to participate in club functions, but do not vote on expenditure of club funds.

Pete Mory and Brian Duckwitz are the club’s faculty advisors.

Pete has been teaching fencing at UW-Rock for over 40 years and, although he is officially retired from the Physical Education department, he still teaches Introductory and Intermediate Fencing.

Brian teaches English on campus and has been fencing for five years.

He also teaches ENG 281 “Is the Pen Mightier Than the Sword?