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Studying Archaeology at Chester puts the past in your hands.

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Many students come to us without any previous experience of studying archaeology.

In Year 1, you will begin to explore the skills, methods and theories of archaeology and get a broad foundation in the archaeology of Britain in its European context, from prehistory to the modern period.

In years 2 and 3, you will continue to develop more specific practical skills and also pursue your own interests through a variety of period or thematic modules, such as .

Archaeology offers a perspective on broad topics, such as how different societies identified and organised themselves, how they co-existed and interacted with other communities and how they perceived and used the physical landscape in which they lived.

Archaeology is the ideal subject of study for those that like to mix 'inside' academic work and 'outside' experiences.

Our programme will provide you with a range of subject-specific skills to pursue a career or further study in archaeology or heritage.The course also offers you the chance to develop key skills such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, IT and the written and presentation skills needed to help you succeed in any other future you choose.Archaeology is all about discovering and investigating the human past, from human evolution to the present day.By studying archaeology we can find out about how people spent their lives, where they lived, the clothes they wore and the food they ate.Archaeology can uncover the religions, burial customs and beliefs of past societies.Through artefacts and excavations, extraordinary details of the daily lives of past generations can be investigated.