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Sometimes Grace forgets that Sarah watches almost everything.

“You ate a bag of nachos with an entire bowl of cheese, Ms.

You just sit there and do whatever it is you’re doing.” Sarah sighs a few more times as Grace throws herself over her living room floor to reach the toilet door.She counts to ten in her head and then gets up from her seat, arm under Grace’s in an instant and leading her away from the door to the patio. ” Grace laughs, a nervousness spiking what might have been one of her better awkward laughs.It is past Sarah’s comprehension why Grace still tries to put on the façade of being well put together and wonderfully in control of her own body.Grace may, she thinks, have the habit of forgetting that she puts most of her daily life onto the internet for the world to see.Everything is usually cordial between Sarah and Grace, because Sarah is Hannah’s manager and Hannah’s person, and Grace is Hannah’s friend and Hannah’s person.

The connecting factor is always Hannah being obnoxious in carrot-themed clothing and when Hannah leaves early for a shoot in Vegas, leaving her manager to manage a friend, things get even more formal and definitely more awkward.“I’m fine,” a sweaty girl emerges from the depths of the toilet ten minutes later, “I survived it.” “That’s fortunate,” Sarah replies, sipping coffee from a mug. Here you will find fan-fiction, original pieces of writing and poetry. ” Grace asks a minute after waking in an effort to sound healthy and sane. You have found yourself the tavern of an aspiring writer and socially inept person.Really, though, she’s stumbling over furniture and Goose on the way to the toilet.“That’d be good,” Sarah responds, raising an eyebrow over her shoulder as she stops tapping away at her keyboard, “but I think I’ll get it on my own.” “Oh, no,” Grace lifts a finger in the air; she tries to shove her couch back into place, “I’ve got all my bodily functions just right.