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Elliott tells the roughly 30 people assembled in a meeting room in a three-star hotel in suburban Coquitlam, B. The speaker, a bald, bespectacled man wearing a tailored suit and expensive watch, takes a similarly dim view of conventional entrepreneurship.

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And if you own a business, they can help you double your profits in 97 days.

The secret to earning income without risk or working for it, I learn on this day, is bringing together a buyer and a seller of services and receiving an ongoing commission on all the business they do together.

They call this arrangement a “joint venture.” For my money, I expected the speakers to at least be entertaining, sort of like the Slap Chop guy.

But instead I get trite aphorisms (“If you want to make the gold, you have to think golden”) and unsupported generalizations passed off as business wisdom with the help of a few props (a hunting knife, a gerbil’s exercise wheel) and the occasional bit of audience participation.

The lecture is filled with pop-psychological jargon, referring to “hot buttons” and “triangulation of trust.” The only distractions during break times are the tables lining the walls where Dollar Makers Network members hand out brochures for their businesses—jewelry importers, barter schemes, custom baking and the like.

I find myself struggling to stay awake, trying not to think of the better ways I could be spending this springlike Saturday in February.

The other participants are more attentive, perhaps because most of them have paid (regular 7) to become members of the Dollar Makers Network, a club with weekly meetings and coaching conference calls, and invested in other workshops like this.

One tells me she has used the Dollar Makers method, bringing together a buyer and a seller she knew, and received a cheque in the mail for a couple of hundred dollars. But most Dollar Makers likely don’t know about the one big blot on the Elliotts’ record.

One of their past “joint ventures” was with Steven Friedland, whom the B. Securities Commission last fall banned from dealing in securities for 20 years.

Friedland headed Western Liquid Funding Inc., which became insolvent in 2010 after raising million from 140 investors over six years without ever filing an offering memorandum.

Some of those investors attended the Elliotts’ seminars.