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Athletes Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods know what it takes to be successful in their respective sports, but injuries can set anyone back.

) We've got a huge range of extremely funny jokes covering every topic you can think of (check out the bottom of the page for links and categories).From one liners and puns to pick up lines, we've got them all.So make yourself at home, relax, and get ready to laugh at our collection of thousands of hilarious short jokes and one liners!But Meyers pushed on, noting that Woods has to watch his girlfriend ski for about 90 seconds or "88 on a good day," while the golf all-star plays for multiple hours. Although some might focus on the high-profile nature of their relationship, given Woods' past with ex-wife Elin Nordegren, Vonn once told that she has learned to ignore all of the commentary."I don't really care what anyone else thinks as long as we're happy that's what matters," she said.

You've found the home of the best short funny jokes for kids and adults alike.Here at Laff Gaff, we specialize in providing the latest witty short jokes every day (plus some really corny jokes too!We kind of just pushed each other back to health."So cute!Vonn has suffered a couple of injuries before, but her last knee injury was bad enough to force her to drop out of the Sochi Olympics.She has since recovered and is training as hard as possible to get back to where she once was.But recently she had been spending time watching her significant other play in the Masters, which something host Seth Meyersfinds amusing given that Vonn is an "adrenaline junkie."So the funnyman host had to ask if she actually enjoys her boyfriend's sport."I love golf," she said sarcastically.