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Nacoste said he first became interested in the changes of the dating scene after reading, “Why There are No Good Men Left,” by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead.

But sticking to your guns is the best route, according to Nacoste.According to Nacoste, you need to know exactly how your faith is going to impact your life.If it’s a big part of your life, and you want to connect with someone that either agrees with those standards or at least accepts them, you have to know that before setting foot in a relationship.It isn’t necessarily the college-age generation’s fault, it is just what they have grown up on and are accustomed to, Nacoste explained.In an age where the world is wide open for everyone, with all of the opportunities everyone has, settling down is the last thing anyone wants to think about.

Nacoste said he sees how this is affecting students in the long run, as many young adults are seemingly incapable of holding long-term relationships.Throwing religion and moral standards into the mix of the dating world, which is what this event discussion focused on, makes the process even more confounding. In his book, "Taking On Diversity", he relates stories that individuals have shared with him about their anxieties in situations involving people who are in some way different than themselves. Nacoste regularly counsels students about their problems dealing with diversity of all kinds, including of gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual-orientation. Nacoste is an Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor of Psychology at NC State.A room of diverse students sat in Caldwell Lounge, completely fixated on every word coming out of his mouth.Ears open to receive the answers they all wanted to hear about the most elusive topic to college students today: dating.