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This ensemble comedy project spotlights the life of Charlotte Payne living in New York City looking for love.

She enlists the help from Ravi her dating counselor.

Ask the next question before it gets awkward." The No Doubt frontwoman couldn't stop laughing at her fellow coaches' response to Morales.

WATCH: Gwen Stefani Says She's in a ' Phase of Forgiveness' Post-Divorce Before Stefani or Shelton could answer the question, Levine started to sing, "Next question!

When asked what song would best describe the guys' friendship, Shelton had a few ideas. " he said, referring to Lynyrd Skynyrd's 1977 classic. The country crooner admitted to ET that he's yet to meet Shelton's new girlfriend.

Decades of radio counseling, personal experience, and public and private discussions about marriage prompt me to write this list of questions for anyone contemplating marriage. Is the person your best friend or at least becoming so? This is probably the single most overlooked question among couples, especially young ones. Many people cannot not answer this in the affirmative. Over time, friendship is the greatest bond between a couple. One of the most devastating ideas of the last generation was that needing or depending upon another person is a sign of weakness. The inability to need is a sign of weakness -- you are afraid to relinquish power or afraid to be hurt. Nearly always, a woman who dates a man who meets the criteria listed here can grow to find him sexually attractive.

But if you cannot say that the person you are considering marrying has become or is becoming your best friend, you need to figure out why before you decide to marry. As great as the sex may be (and great sex certainly adds to a marriage), even Hugh Hefner spends the vast majority of time doing other things. This sounds trite, but enjoying each other may actually be the single most important characteristic of a happy marriage. Dating for marriage is not an interview for a platonic best friend.

If the person you marry does not become your best friend, you will either seek someone who will be or simply drift apart. Someone you can and do tell just about everything to. If that were not the case, the majority of men would never attract a woman. Most men become physically attractive to a woman thanks to other, masculine, qualities that they possess.

As essential as being best friends and enjoying each other are, there should be a physical component to your relationship.

Even for men it is common to find a woman physically attractive over time.

In my late 20s, I directed a summer institute for men and women ages 19-25.

After the first two summers, I began to play a game with myself.

On the first night of the session, I made a mental note of which women I thought the most attractive and compared that list to one I made after the four weeks.