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It’s the one day set aside for us to honor and remember our Dads, as well as other men in our lives who have made a significant impact.For many the same question seems to arise year and after year: “What do I get for the man who seems to have everything?

Each week for several years I have enjoyed the privilege of mentoring a couple of men’s groups.

Through sharing life with these guys I have come to recognize similarities we men have in common.

The drive that we have is motivated from the respect we desperately seek.

Men will live out their motivation desperate to achieve success in areas such as sports, assets, job titles, and even through their children's lives.

Below are five priceless ways to honor Dad without spending money. Honor your Dad’s Leadership SEE ALSO: What Happened to Me the Day I Forgave My Father Let him know how proud you are to have him as your father.

Write a hand-written letter sharing how much you respect the sacrifices he has made, or the importance of special moments the two of you have shared.

This gift will definitely elevate the needle on his "respect meter." 2.

A lot of men feel isolated, as they have come to believe that to be a "real man," you should not share emotions or feelings, and especially not with your family.

As they continue to internalize their isolation, they often drift into a state of loneliness that often ends at a destination of not feeling worthy.

This emotion is the reason some men easily say, "Don't do anything special for me on Father's Day." What they don’t realize in saying this, is that it undermines the excitement their loved ones feel as they strive to create a memorable day of celebrating and honoring Dad.

It is possible to make this Father’s Day the best yet!