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My one of a kind sculptures satisfy an obsession with the tactile as they reveal light, space, and the concept of duality.

The sources of inspiration for my sculpture are the inherent properties in materials and processes as well as everyday naturalistic phenomena.

Real property law can be complicated, nuanced, and confusing.

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Just be aware that, in and of itself, the phenomena will not bring you happiness or peace and it will never truly lead you to God.Beyond the lower planes of the physical, astral, causal, mental and etheric are the 'God Planes' where the only 'thing' that is real, and permanent, is Love.*** FOR A LIMITED TIME ANYONE ASKING FOR THE COPYRIGHTED AUDIO FILE OF THIS EXERCISE CAN GET IT FREE BY EMAILING ME AND ASKING FOR IT.Just give me a valid email that will accept large files as an attachment.I decided to take a photo class in the afternoon so I wouldn’t die of boredom and voila! Photography and visual storytelling for me is NOT an option.I can`t let go of my camera and leaving her home (yes, her) is like leaving a part of me home.

I love capturing moments that people treasure and allow them to revisit them forever.

In the tradition of object making, I interpret the action in nature.

Understandably, people are often unsure about their rights. A., we recognize our clients’ unique situations and needs.

Drawing on decades of experience and industry contacts, we complete real estate transactions and we resolve real property disputes to our clients’ best advantage.

Our professional and thorough legal representation allows our clients to navigate real property law with experience, knowledge, and confidence.

Psychic phenomena has its place in your spiritual growth.