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Learning a language is hard when you’re not immersed in the culture and surrounded by people who speak the language; that’s why We Speke hopes to connect you with fluent speakers of the language you’re trying to learn.

Using the magic of the Internet and webcams, We Speke allows you to chat with people who are fluent in the language you’re trying to learn.

A running banner on the left side has the currently trending topics on We Speke, which are just broad topics like World Cup 2014 or Movies.You can comment on these as in any forum and find people with interesting views who you’d like to chat with.If this isn’t your scene, you can also try to have We Speke match you up with someone whose native language is the one you’re trying to learn, and vice-versa.You simply enter in your native language and the one you’re trying to learn. The topics are really vague, but you’ll have a chance to expand on them later.For now, the website will ask you for your location (although it isn’t required), and what your role is.

This service is meant to be used by either individuals looking to learn a language, or by teachers who are teaching a language class and want to give their students the opportunity to talk with native speakers.In the Once you’ve got your profile all set up, it’s time to dive into the real guts of this site!You can get started by heading over to their website and creating an account with your email or by linking your Linked In or Facebook account.It will ask you a series of questions as you get started to help give you some topics of conversation with the people you’ll be talking to.First up is ranking your level of the language you want to learn from 1 to 5.A 1 is a complete beginner, and a 5 is near fluent; novices and experts are welcomed here.