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David took one look at my profile and with a few minor changes that I would have never thought of and all of the sudden, I had a whole different type of man contacting me.

Its amazing I was spinning my wheels for so long and in 2 hours David changed everything.

In fact, last night I went out with a guy I met online, and had by far the best date I’ve ever been on! Mandy, CO Look, I truly know all too well how difficult, frustrating and – even confusing – the world of online dating can be.That is why I want to use my expertise to help you not only create an ideal online profile so the right guys will find you, but also show you how to read between the lines of any man’s profile and tell what his REAL story is (and whether he is someone you should pursue or delete as fast as your finger can click the button!) Having also coached men to be better online daters for the last decade (and of course being a man myself), I know how men think inside and out – and I have seen it all when it comes to men’s profiles online. Let me start by talking about why having the right profile is essential…White Label Dating® is the world’s leading online dating provider. We help media brands, affiliates and entrepreneurs effortlessly create their own online dating site or network.

“In 2 Hours You Changed Everything.” I was online dating with almost no success.Now I was getting men to write me but it was all the wrong men.” We all know that there are now literally millions of people registered on online dating sites. You probably know some fabulous women who have tried it but not met the kind of men they were looking for … …You keep getting contacted by men who are NOTHING like the kind of person your profile says you’re looking for… But there is good news ( I can help you avoid all the mistakes that have been attracting the wrong guys to you online, and also teach you how to easily navigate the world of online dating so you can spend your time weeding out the bad guys and choosing only the “good guys” you want to meet. Well, online dating is a big part of my business – and I know it better than any expert in the business. It is simply that after being the lead writer for for more than 3 years, and coaching men and women in online dating for more than a decade, I have seen literally THOUSANDS of online profiles.Despite a seeming unlimited number of potentially great partners to be found on Internet dating sites – somehow the success rate of Internet dating is (it’s been estimated to have about a 95% failure rate! And as an online dater yourself, I’m guessing you may have experienced some … …Men keep sending you “cut and paste” emails (many of which make it clear the guy never even read your profile! …You keep attracting men who are just looking to “hook-up”… I’ve seen pretty much every type of online dater that there is……You feel like every single creep, pervert, idiot and jerk somehow can’t get enough of contacting you! Because of all this, I know without a doubt that I can address any Internet dating problems you’ve had and show you how to conquer the world of Internet dating.“I had the BEST date of my life …” Thanks to David, I not only had a huge increase in men who read my online profile, but the quality of men who contacted me got unbelievably better.