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As a software developer, there are a bunch of repetitive and tedious tasks you have to do almost every day.

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Then look for this box, which should appear at the top of your workflow pane: Since you selected a service, it will look for a usable variable to pass into the workflow.

If you have a look in the first dropdown box, you’ll see a list of all the types of media that a service can handle: For this project, leave it on action. One option is to record the events of pasting text into Text Wrangler, but why would you do that when you can use Apple Script?

This action has configurable settings; you can select which application to launch by using the dropdown list. Search and drag While it would be fun to take a deep dive into Apple Script, it’s outside the scope of the topic.

From the beginning, it has been a way for users to automate repetitive tasks with Apple software, such as Safari, i Tunes and Calendar.

A number of third-party products, like Photoshop, Microsoft Office and many text editors are also compatible with Automator.

Its design is more user-friendly than writing code or running shell scripts, as it presents the user with an array of built-in options to use, and all within a visual interface.

The concept behind the design is to make automation accessible without the need to write code.

Here are the things you’ll need for this tutorial: on your computer.

You’ll be greeted by a screen that asks what type of document you wish to create: You can get a description of how each document type works by clicking on it and reading the description that shows below the box.

Later on in this lesson, you’ll learn more some of these types, but for now, select For your first example, you’re going to create an Automator workflow to help you export code snippets to your favorite text editor from right within Xcode. A pop-up menu will appear, and one of the options in this menu is Now, let’s say you have a favorite text editor that doesn’t have a service created for you already, like the Text Wrangler example here.

Even if you don’t have access to the internal API, you can still automate the copy/open/paste process by creating your own service using Automator. In Automator, close your current document and create a new document with .