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i Cloud is simply an online storage facility, like Dropbox or Google Drive or Google Music. Or, rather, i Cloud work, but the people who use it cannot figure out how it works.

When you're in the consumer electronics market, those two conditions lead to the same result.

People can't get i Cloud to work the way they think it's working.

Apple still has not fixed i Message, although the company has said it is trying to.

And Apple also says it has fixed the password security flaw in Find My i Phone that can give hackers access to your i Cloud photos.

Nonetheless, you probably want to check that i Cloud isn't hanging on to stuff you thought you deleted, and you want to make sure that i Cloud isn't backing up your photos the next time you start drunk-texting your booty call.

Apple and i Phone users know that i Cloud is the very worst product Apple makes.

i Cloud is the online storage facility that Apple uses to backup and coordinate your i Tunes, contacts lists, and — as about 100 celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence have discovered — your photos.

(Including those naked selfies you sent your significant other that one time, because, really, YOLO, right?) So here's a layperson's guide to switching off i Cloud, so your naked photos don't stay stuck in cyberspace where hackers can guess your password.i Cloud, by contrast, makes it confusing to "know" where your stuff is — and that's why people end up leaving naked photos in it, even when they think they've deleted them. You can delete your photos from your i Phone, but they stay inside i Cloud, clogging up space.You delete apps from your i Phone but when you go to i Tunes on your laptop, there they all are, undeleted.i Cloud is also part of the reason i Message — the i Phone's default text-messaging system — doesn't work properly.As an i Phone user you probably think that the reason your Android friends don't get your texts is because their phones are cheap rubbish. It's because i Message is flawed — it's trying to find your friends in i Cloud first before giving up and then — maybe — sending the text on to your friend's phone number. If you make one wrong move inside your i Phone's i Cloud system settings, you can accidentally delete all your contacts from your i Phone!