On line dating fetishes

They were prioritized at almost every way possible. But change is said to be the only permanent thing in this world. And those will definitely come from the lipstick coated mouths of the women in the society.

As the world evolved, the idea about men being above women has changed.

Because if you continue believing that, you will be mocked as a sexist or those people who discriminate other people because of their gender and how being a male or a female affects the contributions they give to the world.

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The femdom dating or fetish singles was not much of a buzz, well, not until now of course.

If we go back to the history of our civilization, the male species have always been looked upon as the ones who possess greater power over everyone else.

They were mostly the rulers, leaders, founders, presidents, dictators and whatever name you wish to call that person whose voice was heard at every corner and whose words were believed and followed. They were the ones who were thought of carrying the name of the family, the heir to the throne, the breadwinner, the only hope.

They were the ones who were given the privilege to go to school and learn, to train and be skilled as well as to work and earn. If ever that ancient belief was still brought up nowadays, a swarm of negative reactions will most likely to emerge.