Norton 360 some products nopt updating

If it were not for Malwarebytes, this pc would be in the trash. I did not realize that the Norton Internet Security on my laptop, (which I DO NOT USE), was on auto-renew.

(Their emails went to my spam folder, so I did not see them.) I called in to Norton customer service to cancel the renewal and get a refund once I saw the pending debit against my account.

The rep basically called me a liar and told me to stop talking.

On 13 July 20.16 I received a threat notice of a Trojan.cryptolocker.

I contacted support for Norton via chat and allowed a person from call center in India to help.

I was advised the threat was removed yet the following days experienced many issues with my pc.

I was no longer allowed to log in at all on my computer.

Considering: I had not really used the laptop since I took my bar exam in July of 2015; it is now July 2016 (a year later); and I have another laptop, surface, and desktop that I use consistently, why would I pay almost 0 to secure something that does not need to be secured?

After he finally initiated my full refund, I asked to speak with his supervisor.

First he would not transfer me and insisted that I wait for a callback.

If it were not for my access to my MAC to research the issue this pc would have become useless to me. Over and over this happened until I learned, on my own, to reboot in safe mode, which did not always work, and follow internet instructions, not provided by Norton, did I get this pc to load to windows.

I stayed logged on because I only was using this pc to watch videos on Youtube only. My original administrator login was no longer useful in starting the pc.

If it were not for the fingerprint scanner I probably would not ever been able to use the pc again.

Today I began to experience more issues and tried to go right to Norton and noticed all Norton icons and links were absent. Norton has greatly disappointed me and now falls to the category or trust as Mc Afee.