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Commercials, magazines, business lunches and pot lucks at work. There are three 10 week sessions in the gastric bypass surgery program. If I find something that is working I stick to it until it is no longer working. If I make a mistake in information I blog about, by all means let me know. But if you tell me I am an idiot or a dumb sow, I will probably just delete you. And if someone leaves a comment that another person does not agree with, kindly refrain from getting ugly or calling people names as you will be deleted for that as well. It is now known that in each case, the FBI closed the case citing no evidence. Michael was forced to undergo a humiliating session of photographs taken of his naked body by detectives to prove or disprove of the description given to the police by either Evan Chandler for Jordan Chandler, or Jordan Chandler himself. As it is, even with the video, I have found a shocking amount of people who did not know this happened!

That is a lot of times to be struggling and tempted. I have the rest of this week and one more week to go for session 2 to end. However, I do ask you be respectful of both myself, and others. It seems the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department asked the FBI to step in to help the investigation. BOTH times, the Grand Jury refused citing no evidence. In fact, if Michael had not done a video conference to say what happened, no one would have even known.

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I have worked at keeping my calories to what I need and not what I want. You can stay away from bars if you drink too much and ask friends not to drink around you. And why not even the NAACP stood up to shout about human rights violations. I work to stay on track because there is NO second chance. If I lose the weight I need in the first session (which I did) I go on to the second session. If I lose the weight in the second session I move on to the third. If I lose all the weight I need in session 1 and 2 but fail to do it in session 3…. So, I went on a mission to find out why respected news outlets like Fox News and CNN, and respected journalists like Diane Sawyer were so unwilling to point out the injustice being served to Michael Jackson. After next week I will be going on to my 3rd and last session. But let him check into rehab for taking pills and the entire world is talking about it. It might not be the smartest thing to do to share your bed with other people’s kids. Robert Downey Jr, who has since cleaned up his act quite nicely, was arrested after he broke into his neighbor’s home and fell asleep.

just not in the world wide feeding frenzy that Michael’s troubles were reported. And, please understand, after all is said and done, and the FBI files are combed through (yes I read all of them), the fact remains this; Michael was only guilty of not doing things in the brightest way. Hollywood is in no short supply of law breakers, either. WHY is anything this fool says taken seriously by ANYONE? Michael had his troubles, but then so does just about the majority of Hollywood and the music industry. So, I wanted to see just how bad it was in Hollywood. Not to say it was not reported, or that is was not discussed. But being not-so-bright does not make you a pedophile. Um, yeah, I should remind you that this is the SAME man who was arrested on two different gun charges, and has lyrics such as; Hand me the 18 month old baby, come shake `em up It`ll only take me a second to choke his trachea Breakin` his neck in eightysome places These are ACTUAL lyrics in his song Rehab. If you take everyone out of Hollywood who has had plastic surgery, there wouldn’t be a person left in town.” Amen to that. If you have a man as HUGELY FAMOUS as Michael Jackson being subjected to such treatment when there is no evidence whatsoever, WHY is the media not lamenting on this? Ronald Regan and George Bush Sr., that to me is pretty influential. So why wouldn’t the media be quick to talk about this? Her bodyguard let it slip that she actually goes DAYS without showering! But the fact remains that in 1993 he was a VERY influential, wealthy, and famous man. He was given an award by two presidents at that time. Or Ozzy Osborne biting the heads off bats at a concert? George Clooney sleeps in his walk-in closet because all of the bedrooms in his home are too light to sleep. Julia Roberts told Oprah Winfrey that she does not wear deodorant, and has been photographed with armpits hairy enough to make my dad envious. And is it any MORE different, than KISS wearing spandex and face paint? The point is many celebs do crazy stuff but none of them were crucified the way Michael was.