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Selena Gomez, 21, might be tight-lipped about ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, 19, but she had plenty to say about her other ex!

In her latest interview, the “Come & Get It” singer revealed she and BFF Taylor Swift, 23, were dating the Jonas Brothers (Nick and Joe, respectively) at the same time. Selena revealed that she and BFF Taylor have shared more than a love of sleepovers and fast-food dinners — they’ve dated the Jonas brothers at the same time! Then we became best friends.” Neither of the girls’ Jonas relationships — Selena with Nick Jonas and Taylor with Joe Jonas — hit the one-year mark, but the ladies were able to knock out some amazing post breakup songs instead.

And it’s actually the thing that made them so close. The BFFs had each other’s backs too during their tough breakups. Everything I go through or say is filtered through her eyes and vision.” How sweet.

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Country stars Thompson Square join us to share their new song ' You Make It Look So Good' and talk about having their first child together.

But first, we talk Justin going naked once again, this time on his Hawaiian vacation. Also: stuff we're crushing on: Kylie, The US Olympic Team, and the song from ' Stranger Things' by Echo and The Bunnymen ' Nocturnal!

“Along the way, they pick up a sassy runaway (Gomez) and a mother-to-be who help test the pair’s survival skills outside of their calculated existence as they come to understand the importance of hope and true friendship.” The movie airs on Netflix on June 24.

As usual, fans can’t wait to watch the new Selena Gomez flick if only to catch their idol dish out her curt comments and of course, sizzle in a date as they haven’t seen the young star in an actual date for a long time.

The Bieber antics have been seen by at least 69.5 million followers.

Selena Gomez, however, has yet to register a reaction.This no-response syndrome is a classic Selena Gomez gesture when she doesn’t feel something is important or doesn’t want observers to jump to the wrong conclusions.Unless, of course, Selena’s recent, after-concert tryst with Orlando Bloom at the Mandalay in Vegas counts for a date.Selena Gomez does know how to relax in between her Revival concert performances, which is her constant preoccupation, these days.On her Instagram pages, she has been seen playing catch with her groceries, toasting marshmallows on a slow fire, and even trying out some flimsy underwear.However, there has been nothing as naughty if not utterly outrageous as Selena Gomez’ infamous ex, Justin Bieber, parading a selfie while grabbing his crotch as reports.