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By the time we reach a more advanced age, most of us have perfected the opposite skill: how to keep our heads down to avoid embarrassment.

Teenagers will do a cartwheel on the school lawn, sing the national anthem after breathing helium, break into a dance routine in the middle of the mallanything to make themselves known to the one they desire.

For certain, you dont have to make a fool of yourself to draw attention from members of the opposite sex. But the lesson from teens still applies: blending in and fading out rarely gets you noticed.Dont be afraid to step forward, push yourself to talk to new people, and make a lasting impression.Crusheo is a fun way to meet new people, flirt, date, and make friends. Requirements: * You must have a Facebook account to sign up with Crusheo (we will never post to Facebook) * You must be at least 18 years old * You must have an Internet connection to use the app Features: * Fun and easy way to meet new people - near by or around the world * Filtering of people by distance and age range. * More than just a pretty face - optionally add more info to your profile to show off your personality!You can think of it as a walk around town (or the world), but with one exciting difference - you have an easy way to connect with the people you see! If you like Crusheo please give us a good rating and review on the Windows Store.1) Crusheo shows you someone it thinks you should know, and lets you choose to crush or pass on them... It encourages us to keep creating new features and updates.2) If you crush on them they will receive a notification and can respond by crushing you back or passing. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or bug reports please email us at [email protected] can also crush on: * The Web: Windows Phone: * Android Phone or Tablet: